1. finchdown:

    Happy Saturday. ย 


    Three years ago on this day, you died.ย 

    I have all these odd photos of the days, but I still have a hard time finding the words.


  2. Progress: Two more hours, sandy greens and reds and purples.

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  3. drowning in a milky white bath

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  5. Thanks for the robe, stranger.

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  6. Process Finale: 11

    - - -

    It’s 1am, I am in my bed, crying silently in the dark.

    It’s cyclical, hormonal, always looming but always a surprise- I diminish it, now, as it happens. I consider removing the acknowledgement that it is currently happening. Trying to make it smaller full well knowing that it is large and persistent.

    It is the furious ocean swallowing a boat, a stampeding freight train derailing. A plane that falls out of the sky so quickly and hits the ground so alarmingly fast. Shocking crashes into sadness.

    I spiral-


    I plummet.

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  7. Progress: 2 1/2 more hours with Cece; Ms. Snowy Plover looking super fine.

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  8. Some new old photos up on DrivenByBoredom today.


  9. Wow, hi.

    I used to give rewards for that.

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  10. lastgreatpoolparty:

    On the lip of the fog bowl.


  11. Tryna capture the fluffy meringue.

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  12. Birthday suit.

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  13. lastgreatpoolparty:

    The Queenโ€™s Crown with finchdown

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  14. My traditional Valentine’s Day godsgirls set is going up tomorrow, and I have memberships for any lovely people that want them, just ask. Gave out all the codes, for fewer dollars than most cups of coffee you can go sign up for a regular ol’ membership if you’re still interested.ย  Thanks for playing.


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