1. GDSP #12

    "-a force of nature that no shelter could protect from."


  2. GDSP #11

    One latte, extra creepy.

    I got pretty wild and passionate teasing my hair out to ridiculous volume. And then I covered myself in all purpose flour.

    If you’ve never floured your hair and then shaken it out aggressively, I highly recommend it.

    Also, I love coffee.


  3. -

    GDSP #7 - Heads, pts. 1 & 2

    I actually flipped Tails. But the idea of encouraging strangers to talk to me was exquisitely unappealing.

    The prompt suggested stitching them together, but I kept them separate for EXIF purposes.


  4. 09/52

    Brought to you by dirty laundry.

    - - -

    GDSP #6

    Laundry Noir.


  5. 07/52

    Brought to you by having a surprisingly hard time doing 52 Weeks the way I had hoped.


    GDSP #5

    Cold light, under the sea. Dive slow. Dive deep.


  6. Guest Directed Self, no. 4 #GDSP (Taken with instagram)

    (Source: Flickr / only_taciturn)


  7. Have you seen this tumblr?  I am so into it.

    Guest Directed Self

    This picture is my submission for the third prompt.