1. Remember when I lived in LA and had the same granny glasses for ten years and didn’t have that big tattoo yet and still used that camera for everything and still had my nipple pierced?  

    That was only four years ago.  



  2. Flashback Friday: 

    The field behind us is used to grow alfalfa and fescue as hay for cattle feed; in comparison to our use of annual crops, they are a couple of the relatively few herbaceous perennials used for large scale agriculture. 

    And, Anna will be eight next week :o


    Happy Friday.  

    Just hanging out with the String Bean.



  3. Flashback Friday: 

    Bathtub love affair.


    Off frame first shot outtake of the day that I ended up really liking.


  4. Flashback Friday! 

    Slightly over a year ago.


    Happy Friday.  

    Magic hour.


    (via finchdown)


  5. #flashbackfriday July 17th, 2003. Santa Monica Beach. First ever trip to California. (Taken with instagram)


  6. #flashbackfriday Ten years ago. The first modeling thing I ever did for some girls assignment at the Hallmark Institute. (Taken with instagram)


  7. #FlashbackFriday baby Finch. (Taken with instagram)