1. drivenbyboredom:

    One of my favorite babes Finch Linden took photos of herself and other lovely things every week for a year and published a book of the photos. Clearly you need to own this. Finch is totally fun to look at and her photos are fun to look at too! I would have posted one here but I figured this is an excuse to post one of the photos we took when she walked around Brooklyn completely naked

    I am looking forward to visiting New York again.


  2. California Intertidal Zone - Finished!
    Three final hours of sitting, for a total of 12 1/2 hours over five sessions. Progress and final detail shots in this flickr set.

    By Cecelia Altamirano at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco

    Check out the right thigh while you’re at it.

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  3. Hi my name is Leg Boob

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  4. I’ll be posting outtakes periodically from my 52 Weeks project, and thought I should point out that they are likely not included in the book! A copy of which you should acquire.

    Also know that if you have bought one already, I adore you. Absolutely.

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  5. ithritin-lth:

    For years I have hoped that Finch would publish some of her beautiful photography and today I received my copy of ‘fiftytwo’. It is absolutely stunning. You should really check out her tumblr and peruse her work.

    [rolling around on the floor emoji]


  6. Both the only iPhone & only safe-to-instagram portrait from the entire year.

    Grab a copy of fiftytwo on magcloud.

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  7. Overwhelmed by the love. Thank you for supporting this, and future endeavors.
    Get a copy of fiftytwo on magcloud

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  8. fiftytwo - a year of self

    110 pages finally made into a really beautiful magazine print. Full of never before published or seen anywhere self-portraits from last year’s 52 Weeks project.

    Get it.

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  9. Just found out I’m on the cover (!!!) - bellesfmagazine Issue 2, out on June 28th

    Preorder Issue 2 right here


  10. Shooting with Laurie for bellesfmagazine - look for me in Issue 2, due out at the end of June. And if you’re an SF/Bay Area artist, writer, small business, restaurant, model, or creator - visit their contact page, they’d love to have you too.

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  11. Slowly fixing up this thing that currently just points to all the other things!



  12. ♫and all those lonely nights down by the river ♫ brought me bread and water ♫ water in♫
    ♫but though I tried so hard my little darlin’ ♫ I couldn’t keep the night from comin’ in♫

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  13. ♫ rowing along ♫ among the reeds ♫ among the rushes ♫
    ♫ I heard your song ♫ before my heart ♫ had time to hush it ♫

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  14. A photo prompted by the armpit hair accumulated from sheer neglectful laziness and you can’t even tell it’s there.

    I never should have updated to the most recent flickr app, holy shit is it awful.

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  15. Finale: 16/52 
    Manual focus.


    I have been largely absent from photography things, distracting myself from all of last year’s pictures that bring me too much sadness to touch.

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