1. ♫ and the little white dove
    made with love, made with love;
    made with glue and a glove and some pliers ♫

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  2. fourchambers:

    liseran // vex




  4. Process: outtake
    Jokes about butts.

    Revisiting this location soon!  Excited.

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  5. louobedlam:


    We’re steering this ship towards new horizons. 



    Damn, we should’ve called it Photo-Thunderdome.

    DO IT

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  6. ♫ and the city that turns, turns protracted and slow
    and I find myself toeing the embarcadero
    and I find myself knowing the things that I knew
    which is all that you can know on this side of the blue ♫

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  7. katedollarhydephotography:

    I found this old iPhone shot will digging around my external hard drive.

    It was a quiet day. We took it easy, adventured slow. Marin is deceptively large, and you never quite know what you’ll find in its nooks and tucked up in its bends. The fog was thick and it was cold, so of course we thought, “Why not drive to top of Mt. Tam?” And so we did, though I admit we got distracted along the way. With a forest like this, how can you not?

    finchdown on Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, California.
    iPhone 5S, VSCOcam.


  8. ♫ I remember everything ♫ down to the sound of you shaving ♫ | 2014 08 02

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  9. "You just want to show off your lack of pants."

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  10. The mystery of tumblr and how this photo of my unfinished tattoo is making the rounds, and the inability to easily steer them all at once to the present, it pains me greatly.


  11. this light is soft in the night like a sigh

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  12. Hi my name is Birdknees Buttcheeques.

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  13. What inchworms turn into:
    Sabulodes aegrotata - the Omnivorous Looper

    I raised these two from eggs found in the same clutch on an Aesculus californica (buckeye) tree, though it’s not typically a larval host for the species, we do have an avocado tree nearby.  Fun luck of the genetic draw to get one ochraceous and one melanic. 


  14. liesintheskye:

    Today I finally received the book: fiftytwo by the amazing Finch Linden and I’m in love, I’m so glad she finally published some of her beautiful photography and that I can hold it in my arms.

    You can get your copy right here


  15. ♫the sun rising ♫ dangling there ♫ golden and fair ♫ in the sky♫

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